The Educational Expectations of Children of Immigrants in Italy

by Alessandra Minello & Nicola Barban

In ANNALS, AAPSS, 643, September 2012

In this article, the authors investigate the short-run edu- cational expectations and long-term educational aspira- tions of the children of immigrants living in Italy and attending eighth grade. The authors look at educational ambition, both as a predictor of educational choice and as a measure of social integration. They consider both secondary-school track and university goals. Data come from the ITAGEN2 survey (2005–2006). First, the authors analyze the relationship of short-run expecta- tions and long-term aspirations to structural (e.g., migration status and country of origin) and social (e.g., family socioeconomic status and friendship ties) condi- tions. The latter seem to be determinants of both expec- tations and aspirations, but long-term educational aspirations are not associated with migration status. Second, the authors investigate the relevance of context in delineating educational attitudes. The authors per- formed a multilevel analysis including both individual- and school-level variables. Their results show that attending a school where most of the Italian pupils have high educational expectations may lead children of immigrants to enhance their own aspirations.



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