News and updates

  • Participation at the SPP1646 Colloquium in Florence. Programme here. Florence, May 23 – 24.
  • Participation at the ISTAT conference: “La violenza sulle donne: i dati e gli strumenti per la conoscenza statistica.” (Violence against women: data and instruments for statistic knowledge): programme here. Rome, March, 28th.
  • Glad to organize StaTalk, a one-day workshops on statistical topics,  together with Valentina Tocchioni (Università di Firenze): programme here. Firenze, February 7th.
  • Country expert for Germany in the EIGE project “Gender-related challenges in European education systems – EIGE/2016/OPER/08”, organized by IRS (Istituto per la Ricerca Sociale), Bologna: since October 2016