News and updates


  • New book chapter: Women studying STEM: the influence of the performances in mathematics, life goals and family background. With Uunk W., L. Beier, A. Minello, P. Blossfeld inMINT oder Care? Eckpunkte einer gendersensiblen Berufsorientierung. Weinheim & Basel: Beltz/Juventa, 2019, ISBN: ISBN:978-3-7799-3940-5
  • Le ragazze vanno peggio in matematica? Lenius
  • Box: A. Minello (2019) “Le ragazze vanno bene: istruzione e differenze di genere” in “Rapporto sulla popolazione, L’istruzione in Italia“, a cura di Desantis G. , Pirani E. , Porcu M., Il Mulino.
  • Figli? No, grazie! New online article with Eleonora Meli, Istat and Valentina Tocchioni, University of Florence. Neodemos & Ingenere
  • New online article about the “bigenitoriality“. Lenius
  • Presenting “Wife or businesswoman? The role of gender segregation in defining women’s entry into union in Italy” at Popdays 2019 in Milan.
  • New article: Minello A., Tocchioni V. (2018) Tra lavoro e famiglia: analisi della relazione tra tempo dedicato al lavoro e prima unione in Italia, Rivista Italiana di Economia, Demografia e Statistica, LXXII(4): 18-29.
  • New online article on homicides and violence against women: Una pistola non rende una casa più sicura. InGenere.
  • Discussing the article “Immigrant women’s employment patterns. Disentangling the effects of ethnic origin, religious affiliation and religiosity”, by Guetto R. and Fellini I., at the seminar “Religion and social integration in Europe”. Milan, November 13, 2018.
  • Presenting the results of SELFY at the Festival della Scienza,  Genua, November 1, 2018. With Gianpiero Dalla Zuanna and Alessandro Rosina.
  • New online article on women in Academia (only Italian version): L’onda che avanza. InGenere.
  • Presenting the results of SELFY during the International day of Statistics at the University of Genua.
  • New online article on intentional homicides and migration status (only Italian version): Igor e gli altri: gli omicidi degli stranieri in Italia (here in Il sole 24ore)
  • First newspaper interview about students and sexuality: La Tribuna, Treviso.
  • Presenting the first highlights of SELFY (Sexual and Emotional LiFe of Youths) at Festival della statistica e della scienza (Treviso), September, 22nd 2018
  • First SELFY (Sexual and Emotional LiFe of Youths) workshop, Florence, September, 17th and 18th, 2018
  • Scientific coordinator of SELFY: Sexual and Emotional LiFe of Youths
  • National scientific habilitation for Associate professor in Demography and Social Statistics
  • Participation at European Population Conference, 6-9 June 2018, Brussels, Belgium. Presentation: The gender geography of intentional homicide
    within and out of the family. Male and female murders in Europe, US and Canada (2003-2015). Together with Gianpiero Dalla-Zuanna (University of Padua)
  • Participation at Online information quality workshop: Lorentz Center, 26 – 29 March 2018, Leiden, the Netherlands. Presentation: Online information quality: Social sciences
    The case of intimate partner homicide in Italy
  • Public debate on women and children health conditions and presentation of the book Sweet CHILD of mine: Padua, March 24th 2018. Organized by CUAMM.
  • New online article on intentional homicides in Italy (only Italian version):
    La mafia uccide solo d’estate?
  • New online article on intentional homicides in Italy (only Italian version):
    Quando a uccidere sono le donne, with Marzio Barbagli
  • “Sweet CHILD of mine” is conquering Europe one page at a time!
    Here some infos from Population Europe.
  • New online article on intentional homicides in Italy (only Italian version):
    Quando i giovani adulti smettono di uccidere, with Marzio Barbagli
  • Seminar on social security, media and criminality, Vicenza, December 4th.
    Details here
  • New online article on violence against women (only Italian version):
    Violenza sulle donne: anche i numeri aiutano a combatterla, with Gianpiero Dalla Zuanna
  • Two online articles available on intentional homicides in Italy (only Italian version):
    Assassini di genere, with Gianpiero Dalla Zuanna
    L’inarrestabile declino degli omicidi, with Marzio Barbagli
  • Participation at the SPP1646 Colloquium in Florence. Programme here. Florence, May 23 – 24.
  • Participation at the ISTAT conference: “La violenza sulle donne: i dati e gli strumenti per la conoscenza statistica.” (Violence against women: data and instruments for statistic knowledge): programme here. Rome, March, 28th.
  • Glad to organize StaTalk, a one-day workshops on statistical topics,  together with Valentina Tocchioni (Università di Firenze):programme here. Firenze, February 7th.
  • Country expert for Germany in the EIGE project “Gender-related challenges in European education systems – EIGE/2016/OPER/08”, organized by IRS (Istituto per la Ricerca Sociale), Bologna: since October 2016